Saturday Six CIX

Saturday Six CIX


From learning to BBQ like a pro to the real meaning behind that song you've had on repeat...
This is the Saturday Six CIX



We're always excited to see new releases from the talented team over at Bridge & Burn, so of course we were thrilled when they recently announced the arrival of their Spring collection. From their five-pocket-pant to water-resistant waxed jackets to sturdy canvas overshirts and remarkably comfortable tees, these high quality pieces are designed with the versatility we appreciate that ensures it will be a long-lasting wardrobe staple. If you're looking to head into Spring with some well-designed and enduring essentials, we would suggest browsing this new collection before it sells out.


Although the idea of a food truck seems more new school, LeRoy and Lewis offer up an old school experience. Locally sourced and made with delicious seasonal ingredients, each order is sliced just for you and paired with enhanced versions of classic BBQ sides. What sets L&L apart besides how mouthwatering their creations are? They offer up classes so you can impress your friends this summer. Learn about sourcing, trimming, seasoning, smoking and all of the steps that go into the food that they serve and the dishes that keep us coming back for more.



Whether we listen to it when we're driving, working, cooking, traveling or we play it while we're sleeping, music is a part of all of our lives. Song Exploder is a podcast that takes the song you have playing in the background, and brings it to your attention in ways you couldn't imagine. Hrishikesh Hirway sits down with some of the most notable artists and has them break down our favorite tracks, explaining how it went from a vague idea to what we hear coming through our speakers. Scroll through the episodes and you're sure to find a song you know, and learn a heck of a lot about it that you didn't. 



Located in Williamsburg, Baby's All Right is the perfect combination of eatery, bar, music and quirkiness. With live music and DJs daily, a drink menu that ranges from draft beer to a thai chili and gin cocktail, delicious vegan-friendly nachos or lemon sage spicy chicken sandwiches, and a brunch worth waking up early for, we wish we had discovered this spot sooner. Whether you want to dance, sit back and listen to music, toast with friends or even get your Chinese horoscope from a vending machine, this is where you can find it all. 



Although not newly released, A Ghost Story was added to Netflix and we jumped at the chance to rewatch it. Despite it's name, it's far from being a horror movie, and is more so the story of the bonds we create in life and how they endure beyond it. With a beautiful soundtrack, minimal dialogue and captivating cinematography, it's the type of movie that leaves everyone feeling differently at the end. Whether you think this is the story of heartbreak or devotion or how the world moves on without us (and around us), this movie is sure to stick with you long after the closing credits.


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Not quite fiction...not quite non-fiction, we had heard about The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen, but had no idea what we were in for. Through the daily writing of this self-proclaimed curmudgeon, Hendrik Groen describes his life in an Amsterdam retirement home and the antics that ensue when he and his friends refuse to "age quietly." Forming the Old-But-Not-Dead club, stirring up trouble with the facility's director, and proving that getting old doesn't mean "getting boring", his witty candor and hilarious (at times quite sarcastic) writing had us actually laughing out loud as we flew through the pages. A perfect book about how to make sure that every moment counts, he's charming, amusing and sometimes described as a hero. You'll just have to pick up a copy to find out why.

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