Saturday Six CVIII

Saturday Six CVIII


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This is your Saturday Six CVIII





Simplicity meets utility - Rain has perfected this combo, and one of their many amazing pieces that goes with us everywhere is their Rolltop Rucksack. Described as their "take on a cycling backpack," we bring this one along whether we're on a bike or not. Waterproof, comfortable and versatile, the design and convenient layout of each compartment makes calling it "functional" a massive understatement. All of this plus their commitment to less waste, sustainability, high ethical production standards, and a committed responsibility to the environment means they make products that won't have to replaced consistently, so you can be sure that they stand behind the durability. Now that's a product we know we can trust and a message we gladly support.





Last week we mentioned Creature Coffee whose flagship is located at Native Hostel. This week we're adding another reason to stop by Native (as if you really needed one). Ranch Hand's food truck features organic grain and protein bowls with locally sourced ingredients, but in case you were thinking you already have tried this truck, think again. They created a special menu just for Native, offering sliders, burritos, pork tenderloins and plenty more to drool over. Just thinking about it has us craving the Akaushi sirloin - we'll see you there. 



SEE | 1917


To call this "a movie about war" is to sell it short. 1917 is the story of two British soldiers in World War I who are sent to deliver a message to another battalion, requiring them to cross a no mans land exposed and alone. Passing through a war-torn landscape, director Sam Mendes shows in meticulous detail the devastation of battle without relying on action and excessive bloodshed. He uses stunning cinematography made to look like it was filmed in two continuous shots, walking you through the desolation and havoc wrought on both sides and the landscape that was the stage for it all. Without the constant fighting and consistent gunshots often found in movies on this subject, you find yourself sharing in the anxiety of the main characters and caught up in the smallest details that may otherwise be missed in an action-packed feature. For a visually stunning and emotionally jarring trip to the theater, 1917 is sure to deliver both. 


photo from walter e. olson memorial library



Whether it's the morning train commute, a long plane ride or just a quiet night in, a good book is great companion. With so much already being packed into a day, it isn't always feasible to head to a bookstore to browse the shelves at leisure or worry about returning a title to the library on time. That's where Libby comes in. With thousands of ebooks and audiobooks available and all for free, you just need a library card to sign up. Maybe your library doesn't have the book you're looking for - you can borrow from multiple locations outside of your town so you're no longer limited to your local collection. This app lets you borrow a title and return it with just a click, making the airport, train station, or coffee shop armchair that much more enjoyable. 






Everywhere you look you'll find a skincare product that promises to fight wrinkles, spots, aging and any of the long list of things these brands say are making us look less than presentable. Aesop takes a different approach, embracing our skin as it is and promoting a regimen that preserves and protects rather than strips and modifies. Less perfume, more purification - you'll find a wide array of plant-based ingredients in Aesop's products and won't have to worry about how your skin will react to additives you can't pronounce. From parsley seed cleansers to witch hazel toners to sun care lotions with green tea, it's full line will leave you feeling great in your own skin. 





If you've been following the Saturday Six for a while, you've probably heard us talk about the importance of OSD. As an organization that ensures veterans and active duty members have the support they need, they provide access to programs within local communities and connect them with the tools necessery to transition into civilian life. That's just a small part of what they help to accomplish, and right now they're doing double-time. Every dollar donated from now through March 31st, OSD will match two-fold, providing those in uniform and their families with updated lounges and rec centers. That means your donations will go even further to add quality materials to a soldiers quality time with their loved ones.

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