Saturday Six CXI

Saturday Six CXI


From welcoming coffee spots to fast food scams to helping our furry friends, this is a new edition of the Saturday Six.


photo by sarah king




With a shop located in Santa Monica (and as they describe it, "inconveniently located down an alley with very poor signage") Goodboybob is a coffee shop that feels more like hanging out with a bunch of friends...if your friends made you really amazing coffee. They know their brews and they put a heck of a lot of passion into everything they do, but they're just as serious about their craft as they are about making sure you feel welcome. We can't forget to mention their food though; offering a menu that caters vegans and omnivores alike, you're sure to find something that hits the spot. Don't worry - if you're nowhere near Santa Monica to stop by and try their coffee in person, they also offer subscriptions with clear and detailed explanations, so you know exactly what you're getting before it makes it to your door and into your cup.






Randall Munroe went from NASA roboticist to becoming a webcomic on his very own site, The premise? People write in with questions ranging from "What would happen if you tried to hit a baseball pitched at 90% the speed of light?' to "Are fire tornadoes possible?" and he answers them in informative and always hilarious ways. Accompanying his highly educational explanations are his stick-figure drawings and his clever wit, breaking down each answer with surprising clarity. Mixed in are hilarious short questions that may not get a chapter devoted to them, but had us laughing out loud none the less. (Question: Would it be possible to get your teeth to such a cold temperature that they would shatter upon drinking a hot cup of coffee? - Shelby Hebert. Answer: Thank you, Shelby, for my new recurring nightmare.)






Whether you've ever eaten there or not, you're probably familiar with the Monopoly game at McDonald's, offering prizes for collecting properties featured in the board game. Prizes that ranged from free food to a million dollars. This new six-part series on HBO sheds light on the FBI investigation that revealed how the biggest rewards were being given to friends, family and co-conspirators, while exposing how rigged the game truly was. FBI agents, executives, lawyers, schemers and people who felt duped along the way - they're all there and they make this show easy to binge-watch. Set aside some time for it, because you won't want to turn this one off. 






The crew over at Best Made just released their Spring line of men's shirts, and knowing the quality that goes into everything they make, it's hard not to snag every style. From typewriter cloth long-sleeves to standard stripes perfect for the workday; chambray short-sleeves to heavier flannels (because let's face it, it hasn't quite warmed up for all of us), there is something here for everyone. While just one look at these shirts can tell you they're sure to stay in style for years to come, the care that Best Made puts into their products ensures these are going to last for years to come as well. 






Out of Seattle, WA, Michael Erikson is the solo artist behind the music made by WMD. His newest album, Saudade, is perfect for putting on while you work, drive, sleep, eat....well, do anything really. Instrumental melodies that feature perfectly layered sounds and rolling ambient rhythms, you can't help but feel peaceful when this is coming through your speakers. He describes the title track as "about being content with your place in your life, and lying down next to someone who cares about you...this song is about finally knowing where you want to be." Put this one on, sit back and tune out.






Of course we love our furry friends, and Emancipet understands the devotion we have to the pets we call family. They also understand that some visits to the vet can cause financial strain, that's why they offer high-quality, low-cost care to make sure our cats and dogs are getting what they need. With affordable spay and neuter options, vaccinations available by walk-in, tests, treatments, microchipping and more, this non-profit offers so many services at an affordable cost, you'll be hard-pressed to find anything like it anywhere else. That's why when you make a donation to Emancipet, you can be sure it's going to a good cause. Only $9 covers the cost of a wellness exam for someone's pet. Yup, only $9. You can choose how much to give and how often, and what's better than knowing you helped keep someone's best friend healthy and happy? Can't put a price on that.

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