Saturday Six II

Saturday Six II

Welcome to the second edition of the Saturday Six! As the story goes, we’re here weekly with a list of six things that we at HELM admire or that inspires us or that gives us reason to aspire for the greater good. Read on below, and if you missed last week’s Sat. 6 we still think you’re awesome, but if you go back and read it you’ll be even awesomer - even though we didn’t think that was possible! You can check it out here.
Look: Albert Watson By Decade

If you’re not familiar with Albert Watson, he is a Scottish photographer well known for his fashion, celebrity and art photography. His astounding and timeless work is featured in galleries and museums worldwide. We highly suggest that you watch this amazing short called Reflections, London 2010. We’re sure you’ll be moved and inspired.

Fly: Frontier Airlines

We’ve scoped these $29 flights (yes, that’s twenty-nine American dollars) and suggest you do too. They might not be anywhere you’re planning on going, but with a deal like that it might be time to plan an escape. We’re not necessarily saying never return, but heck, it’s sure easy to feel that way sometimes, so we’re gonna leave that return flight decision up to you. And if this isn’t your deal, we must admit there are some other great options via this airline, some direct flights that are otherwise hard to find - and at a great price - so give it a gander!  

Nosh: Paperboy in Austin
Is there a food trailer, if not two, on every single corner in Austin? (and LA, and NYC and…) The answer is yes, and they’re not all A+ but Paperboy on East 11th is one that is. Simple, approachable and gourmet yum - yes please. It’s not hard to consume everything on the menu, which we’ve done (not all at one sitting), and it’s all superb. They sometimes have slight menu changes and specials based on items they’re able to bring in from local farms, which is awesome, and their *B.E.C. is **T.D.F. Get it.
*Bacon, Sunny Up Egg, Pimento Cheese, Brioche
**To Die For

Read: Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI.

A true story of the impoverished Osage Indian Reservation in Oklahoma and its inhabitants quickly becoming the wealthiest community in the country. Then people start disappearing. Historical and disturbing, heart wrenching and informative, enlightening and horrifying – every detail crafted in a journalistic flowing form. Crack it open, and you won’t stop. Trust us on this one. (Here’s a great interview with the author David Grann. You might want to read the book first, but if you read this interview first we’ll be surprised if you don’t get the book as fast as you can.)

Listen: BALMORHEA // Clear Language: Reworked

We’ve always been big fans of BALMORHEA (bal-mə-ray), and this new album is one of their most eclectically alluring to date. As usual, their fascinating instrumentations tell stories that can easily accompany your own. Watch this beautiful video  for the song “First Light”.

Imbibe: Big Bend Brewing

These guys are awesome, and we serve their beer complimentary at the HELM Store because it’s a winner! Their slogan is “Beer for Texans since 2012,” but we think it’s pretty perfect for people outside of Texas too. They started in Alpine, Texas and are opening another location in San Antonio this year. Yeah! Their entire line is stellar, and at the store we’re often poppin’ the La Frontera IPA and the National Park Hefeweizen - come try it!
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