Saturday Six IV

Saturday Six IV

The week flew by and it's time for our next edition of the Saturday Six - we hope you’re enjoying reading them as much as we are enjoying sharing! If you missed last week’s or any prior, you can always check them out here on our blog.



Stay: Casa El Pio

There’s almost too many good things to say about this little hidden treasure, so we’ll just try a few here. It’s a beautiful five room hotel overlooking the sea in Isla Mujeres, Mexico, and is best described as a hostel meets a luxury hotel. Find more info here, and take a look at the photos. Modern and secluded, you’ll be hard up to find a place where there is so much attention to detail in such an amazing location. Definitely a getaway and experience like no other - go ahead and make a reservation because you want to, and you deserve it.



Wear: Buck Mason


Founders, Sasha and Erik, are super cool guys and we like them a lot. We like their brand a lot too. They started Buck Mason in Venice, CA in 2013 and it quickly became a favorite of many, continuing to grow (understandably) since then. We’re always impressed with the way they make all of their pieces wearable for pretty much everywhere all the time. Sounds kinda perfect, we know, but it’s not far from it. Their mantra is that they "design updated, modern American classics for daily wear.” They forgot to mention the great prices for the quality of the brand - check ‘em out!



Listen: Malcolm Gladwell, “McDonald’s Broke My Heart”


As we’re sure most of you know, Malcolm Gladwell is the mastermind (aka literal genius) behind the books The Tipping Point, Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, Outliers, and many more. He has been a staff writer for The New Yorker since 1996, and since that’s not enough output, he has a couple of podcasts, and this one called “Revisionist History” is cream of the crop. The podcast is beyond enlightening with facts on issues you’ve most likely never considered, but this one about McDonald’s french fries is especially intriguing (and fun.) That’s all we’ll say about it. You should give it a spin.



Follow: Thomas Hooper

Hands down one of the most talented, influential and renowned tattoo, visual and product artists there is. He owns and operates Rock of Ages Tattoo in Austin, and his art, clothing, album covers and more can be found across the globe. You can see his blog here to just scratch the surface of his extravagant landscape of work. (Side note: he’s the namesake for our Hooper shoe!)






Read: Reporting Always by Lillian Ross

This powerful book caught us off guard with it’s spirited wit and seemingly modern day appeal considering Lillian has been a staff writer at The New Yorker since 1945. She was a strong woman of her time, and her relationships and care for her interviewees was often well beyond journalistic. Some of the pictures in the book are also mesmerizing, like this one of Ernest Hemingway with his family.  Lillian passed this last September and you can read more about her here. She once said that she wanted to write as if she were “only a fly on the wall” but that seems contradictory as her interviews are so deep, intimate and timeless.  We can only hope that there are more journalists in the making who have the passion, concern, empathy and determination to seek out the truth in the lives of others.



Subscribe: Pour This


Simply put, Pour This is a wine subscription service that is "the internet’s neighborhood wine shop.” It feels that way for so many reasons including. but not limited to, the amazing guarantee you’ve never tasted wines that are personally, passionately and painstakingly selected by Ashley Ragovin. Who is Ashley and why should you buy from her company besides our invaluable opinion and reference? To start, she's spent the past 10+ years working in wine and service. Street cred: she's launched and managed hospitality + wine programs for some of the best LA restaurants, including Animal, Trois Mec, Osteria Mozza, Scopa Italian Roots and more. That barely scratches the surface. You can read more about her here. Whether you choose the membership or from the bottle shop ,we promise it’s worth it. The complete experience of it all is so fantastic, and the copy and goodies that come in the shipments are priceless. That’s all we can say about that, and you’ll know we weren’t lyin’ when you get your first order.

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