Saturday Six VIII

Saturday Six VIII

From blogs we love to read, to amazing architectural exhibits to a second edition of the favorite 90's albums chosen by some of our friends and favorites. Whether you're a movie buff, a foodie or want to take a stroll down nostalgia lane, there's something in here for you. 




Read: Camille Styles shopping Guide

As many do, we think that Camille Styles is beautiful and awesome, and so is her amazing blog! You should definitely give it a skim as we’re sure you’ll find some interesting content to peeky peek. So since we’re always scoping it anyway, we were amped to be included in the “Guide to the Best Shopping in Austin." Thanks, Camille!

Visit: Form into Spirit: Ellsworth Kelly’s ‘Austin’

We walked through this monumental freestanding stone building last weekend and were awestruck by the experience. The colored glass windows and interior clean lined structures of wood and stone create a unique sense of balance and power. The structure, shapes and colors almost force you into a state of peace and contemplation. To enter and temporarily leave the world outside is something we think you should experience. You can read more about it and get details here.

See: Foxtrot

This is a movie that depicts the aftermath and grief of the unfathomable experience of having an army official inform parents of the death of their son. Not often something we’d think of or want to dwell on, but sadly a subject matter we all need to know more about and consider the ramifications of. You follow the man and his wife as they attempt to cope with the confusion of it all - the gut wrenching results of life lost in war. This award winning Israeli based story - which has caused quite a stir globally but especially in it’s home country - is visually stunning, brutal and fearless. It has been called by many critics as the most, “Brilliantly constructed film made in years.”  You can see the preview here.


Shop: SXSW Exclusive: HELM Boots Founder Joshua Bingaman’s Guide to Austin’s Best Indie Shopping

Well isn’t this fun! Black Book asked Joshua to pick a few of his favorite local spots in town so they could let all the SXSW visitors know. What’s cool is not all the spots are ones you usually hear about. We mean, come on - mazes of books and bookoos of candy and the smell of vinyl? Spots like these are what make Austin as cool as it is.

Consume: Better Half

The team behind Brew & Brew is excited to bring a new concept to West Austin - coffee, cocktails, and an all day cafe. And we’re happy to have a new spot to dine, embibe and hang - especially in this specific part of Austin. Breakfast through dinner, with a drinks program that takes B&B's approach to beverages and expands the options. Same impressive design and friendly faces, but now with bangin’ food and ample parking!


Five Friends Favorite 90’s Albums 2nd Edition
 (Check out the First Edition in this Saturday Six)



Joel Mozersky - of Joel Mozersky Design 

My answer is undoubtedly uncool, but I am a big Lloyd Cole fan, and when he went solo, I went along with him.

Lloyd Cole

"Lloyd Cole" (eponymous title)

Lloyd's voice has always been beautiful and heartbreaking, but the songs on this album spoke to me on a deep level. In 1990 I had just gotten out of a 5 year relationship, and these songs made me feel hopeful about the future.




Johnny Radelat - Drummer for Gary Clark Jr.

A Tribe Called Quest

Low End Theory(1991): I love it’s simple delivery yet big studio production with smooth/conscious lyrics that focused on good times, hard times, and warned of the corporate music machine and championed the soft spoken underdog!


Kris Swift of Jacoby’s and Griselda’s


The Immaculate Collection

When every song on an album is worthy of dancing by yourself in your room.


Bobby Johns of Bunkhouse


"World Clique"

Deee-Lite's - "World Clique" changed my life. When I heard this album and saw the imagery I knew I had found my freak flock. It was my senior year of high school when "World Click" was released and ultimately why I wore Pucci bellbottoms and platform boots to my graduation. At already 6'4" I was a disco monster with a groove in my heart.

Cameron Weiss - Founder & Master Watchmaker


OK Computer

Hands down favorite Album from the 90's is OK Computer from Radiohead.  One of my best friends introduced me to Radiohead while in middle school and after listening to OK Computer on repeat since '97 It still brings back awesome memories of my childhood and old friends.

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