The Saturday Six 139

The Saturday Six 139


SHOP | City & State


If you're looking for a beautifully curated gift for someone on your holiday list (or maybe a Keanu Reeves ornament for the tree), this little shop in Memphis, TN has exactly what you're looking for. Artwork for the walls, glassware for the kitchen, toys for the kids and novelty for the adults, they're definitely worth a browse. If you happen to be in Tennessee, stop by in person and you'll also be able to grab a coffee at the shop inside. We suggest trying the Butterscotch Miso Latte, which sounds wild but is downright delicious. 




EAT | V-Grits


Even if you don't typically eat vegan, V-Grits is sure to win you over. Located in Louisiville, KY and attached to Chimera Brewing, they serve up amazing made-from-scratch dishes that are great for sharing but hard not to finish on your own. We tried the Chipotle Queso and Nashville Hot Chicken Fried Steak and our biggest regret was not ordering even more. Topping it off with a beer was even easier when each glass gives a portion of proceeds to a non-profit in the area. Grab a table on their patio or grab some food to go - either way, V-Grits is a must-try.




READ | Forgotten Bones: Uncovering A Slave Cemetery


A quick but captivating read, Forgotten Bones tells the story of a cemetery that was uncovered during a construction project in Albany, NY in 2005. From the initial discovery to the careful excavation to the meticulous research and even facial reconstruction, it recreates the lives of people who had long since been forgotten and ensures they are remembered and recognized. Using historical retellings of the slave experience in the North along with piecing together the story that these bones tell, Lois Miner Huey weaves them into something educational and altogether somber, for a piece that we couldn't put down.




LISTEN | Bleachers - chinatown (featuring Bruce Springsteen)


Two talented musicians out of New Jersey come together on the song “chinatown,” a recent release from the band Bleachers, featuring Bruce Springsteen. Jack Antonoff describes the song as a “pull back to the place where I am from,” which makes it even more fitting for him to pair up with a musician whose music was born from that very same place. The classic catchy rhythms that Bleachers is known for, with the building vocals of Springsteen that quickly make each of his songs a classic anthem, this is a great one to put on and sing outloud with.




FOLLOW | Kenturah Davis


Combining and spanning multiple mediums, Kenturah Davis transforms language into stunning pieces that are as captivating as they are intricate. Using textiles, drawings and sculptures, she brings us face-to-face with the role that words and writing play in shaping us throughout our lives and our every day. Seeing her work in person is a must, and if you're in Savannah then stop by SCAD to see her "Everything That Cannot Be Known" exhibit. If you're outside of Georgia, give her a follow on Instagram or check out her gallery here  to see for yourself why we were so quickly riveted. 




WATCH | Zion

This short documentary film from Netflix introduces us to Zion Clark, a young man who was born without legs and moved through the foster system until the age of 16. He tells his story of being a child who didn't know his place in the world, to finding it on the wrestling mat as he learned how to make the sport fit around him instead of the other way around. With interviews from his mother and his coach, this eleven minutes is packed with emotion and a message that rings true for many of us - that finding strength and success in life means reaching that place of acceptance that no one else can find for us. 

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