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Travel Advice: Get Lost. You'll Thank Us.

Further below, we share a list of travel tips, but there's one in particular that stands head-and-shoulders above the rest: The real point of travel is to get lost. It's not really about picking the right travel guides, or the right landmarks to see, or cool restaurants to eat at, or bars; it's the act of really and truly and honestly letting yourself go; putting the phone down and saying, "you know what, I'm just going to walk until I'm lost and I have no idea where I am."

You find your way back and you're slightly different for it; you take a worthy spiritual detour from the main avenue of life, in whatever shape that may take for you, and you eventually return to where all your friends and family and all the people are, equipped with more experience and fresh perspective.

In travel, you have to be willing to lose yourself.

Pack light mentally and physically.

Mindset is the most powerful trip planner. Let curiosity and the universe be your guide on some trips. Know that on others you might need to stay on the path. Obviously, you don't want to go to Paris and miss The Louvre, or go to Cairo and overlook The Great Pyramids. Ensure that when you're planning a trip, you're doing something for yourself, however small or minor, even if that's within the framework of visiting a landmark, or traveling with a group. Take those big tourist sites and think about them and digest them. Ask yourself, "What do these places mean for me as an individual? What's the identity of this place and how am I growing?" Not every trip is going to be a spiritual journey, but each one can contribute to a better version of yourself. You know you've had a transformative trip when you're on the way home, and you feel like you're a different person than you were when you first left. Some trips are for recharging, but all trips should carry meaning.

Style travels well, if you let it.

You have to be willing to fail, get lost, make mistakes, and turn down corners that no guide tells you to turn down. Of course, this doesn't sacrifice travel safety and savvy. Here are some of our more common travel tips:

  1. Drivers and Guides: This is location-dependent, and in some locations hiring a driver can be a luxurious travel expense. However, the cost may pleasantly surprise you when securing a driver or a guide for a day. You'll experience more of the place you're visiting--through the eyes of a local--and that can be a great way to get around and see unique places beyond common landmarks. Booking resources vary by country, and we recommend you first utilize friends and family who have done this, or who live locally and can make a recommendation, before booking anything online.
  2. Carryon vs. Checked Luggage: Pack your best valuables in a carryon, and include at least one change of clothes. Consider what you're doing on the front-end of your trip and the garments you might need to pack to avoid looking out of place, if your luggage somehow got separated from you. Most overhead bins can accommodate each of Korchmar bags sold on our site.
  3. Use AirTags: Speaking of misplaced luggage, don't forget to put an AirTag in your checked luggage and any valuables when you travel. If you're unfamiliar, you will get an alert when the AirTag is no longer near you, and you can view its location in the Find My app.
  4. Pack Clothes with Zipper Pockets: When you travel to unfamiliar places, pockets with zippers can keep your belongings safe and secure. Bring a zipper-pocketed jacket or pants.
  5. Buy an RFID-Blocking Wallet: Wild as it sounds, it's important to protect yourself from devices that can extract information electronically. The Ridge Wallet is a popular option, and they carry a full-grain leather version that complements our Whiskey and Teak footwear colorways. 
  6. Make Use of the Safe: Put your best belongings in a safe, if your lodging choice provides one. This one sounds basic, but that extra layer of protection during travel is critical, especially when traveling abroad with your passport.

Pick up these travel essentials before your next trip.

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