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7 Types of Men's Boots That Prove Leather Is King

If you’re a man on the go outdoors, men’s boots are some of the best footwear for your active lifestyle. Whether it’s for the durability or for being super classy, boots for men are the classic look for all occasions.

There are many things that men look for in their boots. The essentials of these are comfort, style, and durability among other things. The type of men's boots you need may vary depending on your style and use, but one thing is certain; leather is the king for all boots. Real leather boots are the bomb, and we can prove that to you.

In this guide, we have 7 of the best types of men's boots for you. Made with real, genuine leather, these men’s boot styles are all you need in your life.

Let’s give these a look:

Men's Leather Boots - Chalmer

1. The Chalmers - Limited Edition

Let’s start with something awesome for your daily uses. The limited edition Chalmers is a fantastic hybrid of two men’s boot styles.

The classic military boots design give the Chalmers a sleek design. This style makes the boots built for the adventurous man.

The jungle boots style gives it a gritty, masculine look redesigned for the modern urban man. These classic types of men’s boots combine into one stylish design.

What we love about the Chalmers Limited Edition, however, is the material.

These real leather boots comprise of Horween Calico Suede. It’s perfect to pair with any color pants. The tan-colored Chromexcel tongue and collar are a perfect compliment.

What makes this pair of boots revolutionary, however, is the tailoring. Jungle and military boot designs are for more practical uses. This makes them suffer from bad tailoring, putting out max points for comfort but zero for style.

The Chalmers Limited Edition’s design takes care of this flaw. It does so while keeping the famed durability of both styles.

These men’s brown leather boots have Fineline Sole as well. This gives a sleek dress profile while staying flexible and it gives extra traction as well.

Why do you need these boots? They’re there to be your style’s main staple. You don’t have to go and dress up to have a chance to wear your Chalmers. All you need is relax, wear them and move around – it’s that easy.

2. The Pablo

In sharp contrast with the Chalmers is the Pablo, available in 4 different color styles. These Italian moto boots inspired men’s boot styles are a hybrid, as with all Helms Boot designs. The beautiful combo with zipper boots makes this footwear both comfy and timeless.

The Pablo took the best elements of both types of men’s boots in a marriage of both style and function. The Pablo took the Italian moto boot’s slim and low profile. It’s built for the best functionality and ease of movement for the man who loves the street.

Even then, the Pablo boots adapted the stylistics of zipper boots. The classic trim reminds you of a countryside style. It makes these boots a summer must-have that you can wear in more casual, summer events. These shoes are nothing if not modern iterations that make one of the best men’s brown leather boots.

These boots are available in either:

  • Balthazar leather in brown or black
  • Supple leather for the chocolate color

The beautiful fit of the uppers makes the Pablo functional as well as stylistic. The design works for both adventurous people of the streets and men who shakes his industry.

The added traction by Helm’s Fineline Sole is fantastic. It makes these real leather boots something you would love for sure.

Muller - Handmade Men's Leather Boots

3. The Muller

Helm has always been a European business. Once they came to America, the first thing they did is to design men’s boot styles that fit the American lifestyle. What came out of that diligence is the Muller.

American work boots are versatile in nature. They’re usable in almost every weather, every climate, and every season.

The Muller took on that American adaptability and made it their own. The Muller can have a seamless transition between everything a man can do and even more.

Muller can do what many types of men’s boots do by themselves. From the street to the office, denim on the street to a casual bar shoe, this is it. These pair of boots are minimalist in design but vibrant in color, fit for a man on the move.

These real leather boots are simplistic and clean bluchers, without much layering to them. They’re lightweight with a Blake rapid stitch and full-grain Horween Chromexcel leather.

You can wear the Muller men’s brown leather boots with a shirt or a dress and they’d look as fantastic as ever. The subtlety and fashion sense makes the Muller something you want in your arsenal.

4. The Zind

The Zind is one of the men’s boots styles that can draw you towards them. For people who like moving around in casual wear or wants to wear jeans to the office, these types of men’s boots are for you. They’re clean and elegant with Helm’s signature full-grain Natural Horween Chromexcel leather, but they’re not your ordinary work boots.

These real leather boots have a natural patina that only gets better as they age with you. What makes the Zind better, however, is the construction.

The Zind boots use the same Blake Rapid Stitch construction as the Muller. This makes them resoleable, which also means they can last for a lifetime with proper care and changing soles. You can do that with Helm as you please.

What we love about the Zind is their use beyond the intended casualness. Their narrow profile makes them dressier than their counterparts. Wear them with a suit, jeans or khakis and you’ll look fantastic every time.

5. The Railroad

The Railroad is Helm’s most popular men’s brown leather boots, and they’re back in the collection for a reason. These natural leather boot styles are both rugged and stylish at the same time. Their modern take on the classic railroad boots is something to behold.

The modern Railroad is more refined than its predecessors, but they still have that level of Americana that gives you a nostalgic feel. What we love about this pair is that, among men’s boot styles, they’re among the most versatile boots you can have. Jump around in jeans or in suits, from casual to formal and you’d still get rugged perfection.

As for function, the Railroad is one of Helm’s most functional types of men’s boots. The 1-inch heel with the mini-lug sole adds extra traction where you need it. It’s a fashion staple for people who want real leather boots in their daily routine.

Lou - Men's Leather Boots

6. The Lou

Here is a combination of many classical men’s boot styles that is perfect for the stylish gentleman. Made with versatility in mind, this pair can go with any wardrobe of your choice. These types of men’s boots are the reason leather is worth it when it comes to many types of men’s boots.

What you would love with the Lou are comfort and the design. With soft Balthazar leather, wearing these for any activity won’t be a problem at all. At the same time, the Helm signature anti-slip rubber cushion sole gives you mobility in almost any terrain.

There’s no denying that the Lou is a statement of how real leather boots can give you the best time with your footwear. If you’re looking for a fashionable way to tell the world you’re a winner, this is the pair you need. Whether you go rocking the streets outdoors or go full corporate indoors, these men’s boots are the right companion piece.

The Lou is classic and hardworking, like you. Make anything happen your way these men’s brown leather boots and you should be good to go.

7. The Declan

The traditional Chukka boots are a favorite for many things. They’re simple, easy to wear and comfortable for long uses. Declan is a modern take on these classic men’s boot styles and they’re still as fantastic.

Declan is for the man who has a purpose. These classic ankle boots have elegant profiles that work in many places. Going from boardroom to the bar with these types of men’s boots won’t be a problem too.

The sweet and supple Balthazar leather is soft to the touch, while the Fineline Sole gives you low profile. This makes for extra comfort, even after long hours of use. It’s everything that you need, and the last real leather boots you’d want for work and even play.

Finding the Types of Men's Boots That Work for You

When it comes to different types of men's boots, being functional is not the be-all, end-all. You want your real leather boots to be stylish and fashionable. You want them to work with the lifestyle that you have.

If you’re looking for the best men’s boot styles, you need a name you can trust. You need Helm Boots.

Helm Boots is a name men trust when it comes to leather boots. Throw away your faux leather boots and say hello to a world of style and comfort. These are the only collection you would ever need.

Shop Helm Boots and find the right leather boots for your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to be a modern office cowboy or a gentleman, these leather boots are for you.

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