Saturday Six CXII

Saturday Six CXII


From virtual museum tours to virtual downward facing dog, this is Saturday Six.






Whether you're looking for a way to entertain and educate kids at home, or you're looking for some stimulation yourself, Google Arts and Culture just made it possible to achieve both. Teaming up with over 2500 museums and galleries around the world, their virtual tours take you through the Guggenheim, Musée d'Orsay, the National Museum of Anthropology and the list goes on and on. You're sure to find something to spark your interest, not to mention select digital shows like the one that the NY Metropolitan Opera is putting on every night this weekend at 7:30 pm. With so much to see, why wait to explore? Start the tour here.






Although a lot of us are spending the majority of our time inside right now, coffee is still a big part of our day. As we try harder than ever to support local businesses, the ones that stand out the most are the places where we've always felt welcome and whose staff has made a lasting impression on us. Figure 8 in Austin is exactly that spot - wasting no time in making you feel like a regular even if it's only your second time stopping by. With it's limited hours right now from 8-3 for pick-up only, they're also roasting daily, offering free doorstep delivery around Austin as well as shipping across the country. We jumped at the chance to stock up on their quality beans and the opportunity to give back to a shop that, for how much time we've spent there, feels like a second home. Want to support the amazing crew at F8? You can easily order right here. After spending years keeping all of us going, we couldn't wait to return the favor.





Born in Louisiana and growing up in South Carolina, John Martin Taylor spent quite a bit of his youth on a boat, catching shrimp and crabs and trying adventurous recipes made by his mom, Rebecca. The evolution to cookbook author and food historian wasn't much of a stretch, and judging from the recipes we've made so far, he knows what he's talking about. From Duck and Sausage Gumbo to Sweet Watermelon Pickles to Carolina Rice Bread, he reflects on the story behind the dish as well as the history of the region they originated in. The recipes aren't just easy to follow; they're a pleasure to go through, and it doesn't hurt that the end result is always delicious.






Hot wing competition meets celebrity interview, Hot Ones is a series that features host Sean Evans sitting down with a some of our favorite actors, singers and athletes, going head-to-head through ten increasingly spicy wings. A recent episode welcomed Will Ferrell and put him to the test while he answers questions about being an avid sports fan, what it was like riding with Jerry Seinfeld on Comedians in Cars, and what the original concept for Anchorman was (you'll be surprised how different it was from the end result). Starting the interview off by claiming "I do have an active ulcer right now," he struggles through the sauces ranging from 1800 on the scoville meter to 2,000,000+. A hilarious twist on the usual celebrity interview format and with 11 seasons out now, you'll easily find some of your favorites appearing as guests. Get ready for a binge-watch session and the inevitable wing craving that follows. 






As of March 16th, Modo Yoga has temporarily closed it's door to the public, but they understand the importance of taking care of ourselves physically and mentally, now more than ever. They're offering free variations of their classes through Instagram live stories throughout the day, and you can see what's coming up by giving them a follow. Don't have Instagram? They also created Modo Yoga Online and are offering a free month to users with the code MODOISHOME, so you can now practice with teachers from all over the world. Read more about Modo Yoga Online and get to stretching.





Originally a New York Times weekly article that featured reader submissions, (and now a show on Amazon Prime), Modern Love the podcast features stories of "love, loss, and redemption." Beautifully written, each one is read by well known actors ranging from Catherine O'Hara, Stanley Tucci, Molly Ringwald, Katie Couric and so many more names that we know and love. Going beyond the ordinary idea of love, these stories explore the complex emotions that can exist between strangers, friends, neighbors and even a pet goldfish. With updates from the writers themselves and commentary from the editor, Daniel Jones, there's a new episode every out Wednesday and hundreds of stories to choose from. That's a lot of much needed love to listen to.



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