These Are a Few or Our Favorite Things 2017 Edition

These Are a Few or Our Favorite Things 2017 Edition

2018 is here and we're off and running, but 2017 was so good to us here at HELM that we couldn't help looking back and wanting to share some of our favorites.  Whether it's something we read, saw, listened to, or even that special something that we treated ourselves to, these are our favorite things from 2017.


  • Listen: Manchester Orchestra's "A Black Mile to the Surface." It's been on repeat since it came out in July. Somehow I'm still not sick of it.
  • Read: A graphic novel called "Here" by Richard Mcguire. It tells the story of a single room and shows you all of the things that occurred there over hundreds of years in just one tiny corner. 
  • Boots: I've actually had a couple of people try to sneak off with my Pablo boots after they tried on my black pair. The leather is so soft and they're so well-worn - I understand why people want them but I wouldn't give them up for anything.
  • Smell: Mineral Musk by Nova. I'm not a big perfume person, but this is really subtle and light and I find myself smelling my own wrists a lot when I wear it. Is that weird?
  • See: A Ghost Story. Very little dialogue and hard to explain well enough to do it justice, but I think it was really beautifully done. 
  • Eat: Scales in Portland, Maine. Hands down one of the best meals I have ever tasted. Sorry mom. 


  • Listen: Blonde by Frank Ocean. Road trips and being with my friends all hanging out. Some songs just have memories tied to it now.
  • Sneaks: Cream Tie-Up Vans. Classics. I've gotten 3 pairs of the same ones and my grandpa even got some to match with me.
  • Smell: Flora by Gucci. I feel like I can only wear it to nice dinners because I want it to last forever.
  • Tech: I have a portable Nintendo 64 that is a good party trick to bring out because it makes me look cooler than I really am.
  • See: 20th Century Women. I’ve never had a movie make me ponder my life like this one did. 



  • Read: A Gentleman in Moscow - Outside of Master & Margarita and The Amazing Adventures of Cavalier & Clay, one of the best books I’ve ever read.
  • Wear: Aether Flatiron Jacket that my wife got me for Christmas.  Nothing goes better with a pair of boots than a great coat, and this coat in navy is my new favorite accessory.  
  • Boots: The Zind - hands down the best boot I’ve ever worn and can’t wait for the teak version to come out (teaser alert).
  • Eat: ‪Tasty & Adler in Portland, Oregon.  Worth the wait.  
  • Accessory: Ventus Watch. Simplicity. 


  • Read: The Disaster Artist by Greg Sestero and Tom Bissell.One of the best books I've read in years. Funny, sad, endearing, touching.
  • Wear: New Weekender Sweats by Outdoor Voices. Aptly named. I live in these on the weekends.
  • Boots: The Wilson by HELM.  Don't tell anyone but my last name might be Wilson.
  • Sneaks: Supernova by Adidas That BOOST sole is like walking on air.
  • Smell: Molecule No 1 by Escentric Molecules. Nothing smells like it.
  • See: Blade Runner 2049  Haunted me for days after seeing it. Beautiful film.


  • Listen: Quicksand “Interiors” One of the best rock bands ever reunites 20+ years later for an amazing record and tour.  
  • ReadTribe: On Homecoming and Belonging by Sebastian Junger. A much needed reminder of history and humanity intertwined with the psychology of living in a rapidly modernizing society. 
  • Wear: Porter Olive Sweater from Bridge and Burn. Great brand and great people. This sweater is as well fitting and warm as it is made - not easy to find. Love the color too. 
  • Smell: NA NIN Black pepper / cedarwood. My son got this for himself at Esby and I took it from him and then my wife took it from me.
  • Accessory: WEISS Standard Issue Field Watch. Superb watch made in LA by a super solid guy named Cameron. Proud to wear it.



  • Listen: LCD Soundsystem - American Dream. I saw my favorite band four times last year and I loved hearing this new material from them.
  • Wear: Troentorp Clogs from Sweden. They have this little divot for your big toe and that makes all the difference.  
  • Apply: I discovered Everyday Coconut face wash by Alaffia at my grocery store and I love it. It's cheap, fair trade, sustainable, not tested on animals and my skin has never looked better.  
  • Eat: Cafe Nenai on Montopolis. They are the cutest mom and daughter team and their baked treats and coffees are so good. The attention they are getting is much deserved. 
  • Accessory:  Bracelet from the lovely Jeri Lynn Ingram who owns Huichol Love. I haven't taken it off since I bought it. 


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