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Everyone should own a pair of quality classic leather boots.

An overview on leather boots at HELM

How to take care of your leather boots

Learn the backstory on a few of our best-selling leather boots

HELM Boots offers a large selection of leather boots for men. Leather is a staple footwear and preferred choice for many due to its resilience and ability to last a long time with proper care. Not only does leather have class and style, it also has a durability factor. Leather's properties allow it to absorb and transmit perspiration and heat away from the foot. It is a comfortable material suitable for all weather conditions and is a material which adapts itself to the shape of your feet and legs over time.

If you are looking for nothing but quality and style, and something durable, you should purchase a pair of leather boots for men from the large range available here at HELM.

How you take care of your leather boots can be the difference between a pair you'll be able to pass down and a pair that needs replacing. Think of your leather boots like your car, or the human body: routine maintenance and a yearly physical are sometimes required, but what you do in between those moments goes a long way to good health. When you don't take care of your footwear, they get damaged easily and may have a short lifespan. Taking care of your footwear does not require huge investment. All you need is time, very affordable care tools, and the right place to store your boots.

When you purchase boots, always ensure you have space in your home to keep your boots. They need to be placed in the right place when you are not wearing them. Here are some key products that you can use in between bigger boots maintenance like a resole or repair:

  • Blackrock Leather 'N Rich: conditions the uppers on your leather boots and keeps them smooth
  • Otter Wax Leather Sealant: seals out moisture when you apply it to leather boots at the point of the Blake Rapid Stitching
  • Pure Polish Cream Polish: brings out the color of your men's leather boots (purchase light brown for non-suede Whiskey and Teak and forest green for Olive leather boots)
  • Shoe Trees: cedar that absorbs moisture and helps maintain proper leather boots conditioning
  • HELM Shop Rag: To use with polish, wax, and conditioner

See the product gallery above to purchase these products for your men's leather boots

Men's Leather Boots: A HELM Round-Up

Here we highlight two of the best-selling men's leather boots here at HELM Boots:

First we have: The Finn

We spent five years working on The Finn to make it perfect. Here's what we focused on:

  • The Right Toe Shape – when you have leather boots or shoes that slips onto the foot without laces, there is nothing more important than the shape of the toe and what you see when you look down at your feet. Confidence starts from the ground up and depending on your preference, footwear looking too round or too pointed can ruin a boot. The shape of The Finn doesn’t venture into a European high fashion boot shape, which would have made it too dressy for jeans; it instead has a modern shape that’s going to allow you to dress it up for the nights out or the office. something that you can’t do with a more-traditional round toe shape.

  • Eliminate The Struggle – outside of the design, people are drawn to a Chelsea Boot because they are easy to get on and off while still providing comfort and a proper fit.  Easier said than done and we’ve had several projects where the design was perfect, but where I had difficulty getting my foot in the boot.  No one wants to struggle to get their leather boots on and off, so we used Gore to allow the boot to hold shape while making it easy to slip them on and off. 

  • Pant-Friendly – knowing that the boot has to be easy to get on and off, the hardest part of making a great Chelsea boot is to create a narrow throat that doesn't allow for your jeans or chinos to fit properly over top of them.  The perfect Chelsea hugs your leg, allowing you versatility in the type of pants you want to wear with them. 

  • A 24/7 365-Day Outsole – we wanted to design a Chelsea boot that could be worn everywhere, and therefore needed to develop an outsole that could be worn anywhere.  The new custom-made HELM Lug Outsole has the traction for all conditions, but we’ve positioned the lugs away from the edge of the boot to allow an elevated look.  We wanted to maintain the thickness of the outsole for durability for the leather boots, but needed to maintain a dressier look that allowed this boot to belong in the office as well as on the snowy streets.

The Finn Sienna is our most popular among The Finn, and unlike its Brown and Black counterparts, it must be treated differently than these leather boots since it has suede. We recommend ShoeKeeper Suede Protector to give it an added layer of defense, and Otter Wax Suede Cleaner to remove dirt and residue. You can also ensure evenness with a suede brush.

Next up: The Hynes Whiskey.

The Hynes is our most comfortable leather boot, crafted in supple, full-grain Neymar leather from Argentina. The Hynes fits true-to-size, but if you're in between sizes for your leather boots, we suggest sizing down. If you're ever curious about your size before making a purchasing decision on leather boots, try out our Fit Predictor on each product's page, our self-guided education, or contact us and ask.

The Hynes is a leather boot with a poured rubber stacked heel, no-hardware eyelets for a sophisticated look, and HELM's signature white composite rubber midsole.

To see more men's leather boots available at HELM, Shop the Collection.